Friday, June 26, 2009

rented apartment = no paint for you!

i've mentioned before that nick and i have a self-inflicted-no-painting-the-walls rule due to the fact that we rent our apartment. i painted an apartment a few years ago and have never had such an emotionally and physically painful experience as when i had to paint it back amidst all of the other moving chores i had to complete (thanks, mom, for holding my hand through such a life-changing/scarring painting effort).

so anyway, its sorta a challenge for me to make a room feel put together and warm when i am staring at bright white walls...until i came across these nifty removable blik wall decals. you can probably tell from some other posts that i adore monochromatic or two-color graphic prints, and they are the absolute perfect perfect perfect complement to our crate and barrel bedspread. the package comes with 11 decals for $65 - worth every penny to not have to 1) buy paint, 2) paint, 3) clean up from painting, 4) watch paint dry, 5) buy new paint to paint it back...i think you get the gist.


nataliev said...

These things are great. I've given them as gifts for new babies too . Check out the caterpillar on the site. v. cute. Etsy has some cute ones as well.

pan galactic gargle blogger said...

I love these! Look how someone used these to redecorate their bathroom on Design*Sponge: