Tuesday, June 30, 2009

why do i have so many posts about shoes?

i've been obsessed with tory burch's julianne wedges since i came across the brown ones a loooong time ago. well, i saw this morning that the they're currently on sale on toryburch.com. they come in black, gold and anthracite - as i type, they have all of the gold sizes but they're running low on the black and anthracite sizes. i haven't seen the gold in person but i think they're pretty awesome from what i've seen online!

originally $295, they're on sale for $177 - but with code SALE25 they're only $135! that's better pricing than i saw at the tory sample sale a few weeks ago! i am officially banned from buying any shoes for at least a few weeks and don't think i can put into words how hard it is to keep my puny little finger away from the "buy" button on the checkout page. if they had brown ones on sale there'd be no stopping me.

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