Sunday, June 7, 2009

five hours later...a bach ache, sunburn and a tory tunic

gasp! i almost forgot to post about my new tory tunic. kate, christy and i decided to hit up the tory burch sample sale last sunday. not even thinking, we got there half an hour before it opened only to find we were "late" and at the end of the line to get in -- AN AVENUE away from the entrance. after the first hour we thought we were almost there. after the second hour we were still hopeful. 3 hours later we could still barely see the entrance but we COULD NOT let the line beat us. natch, the sale was pretty picked over by the time we got in after 4.5 hours and it totally wasn't worth the waste of a beautiful pool day...but i did get a navy and white tory tunic for $85 marked down from $275. kate and christy both got one too, so i guess the sale wasn't a TOTAL waste.

if you're interested in sample sales, this place hosts them often for brands like j.crew and theory.

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