Thursday, June 25, 2009

a little piece of my heart will always belong to australia

after studying abroad in australia waaaaaay back in 1999, a little piece of me will always belong to that wonderful country. so when i came across jimeale when looking for a travel cosmetic bag, i HAD to get one (or a few, oops). jimeale jorgensen is an australian designer and entrepreneur and it seems as though her style is the true embodiment of what i like to think i represent too. as written on, the "designs are innovative, modern and sensibly priced...[and]...15% of net profits from the SoHo collection to boarding for breast cancer (, a non-profit, youth-focused educational charity organization." plus, when i made my purchase last year, jimeale personally wrote me an email to thank me. i'm forever a fan! i love the diaper bags too...oh wait, i don't have a baby. maybe i'll turn it into a gym bag...oh wait, i don't go to the gym. *sigh*

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nataliev said...

i've never heard of the brand. i guess i have been out of the country too long. you dont go to the gym? i hate you.