Monday, June 29, 2009

its summer...FINALLY!

what a gorgeous weekend - finally! my favorite summer weekend activities include sleeping, eating, drinking and sitting by the pool/beach. lucky for me, i got to do it all with my sister this past weekend. while we were lounging by the pool on saturday, my mind kept drifting back to - of course - a halter maxi dress i had seen in the victoria's secret clearance catalog that i think would look so cute on her. i didn't mention it, though, because i wasn't sure what the floral print would look like in person.

i decided to let it go. that is, until this morning on the subway. because guess what walks onto my car? that's right, the dress (on a woman...dresses can't walk). and i loved it! it's a really nice combo of floral fabric and a flirty, flowy cut - perfect for a summer weekend strolling the park, heading to the beach, dinner with friends, beer garden in the afternoon, etc etc. and with a cami tank underneath it's probably a good outfit for work, too, if your office is casual. the clearance price is $38.99 from $78.

there are ALWAYS promo codes for vicky's so be sure to google for one/some before you make any purchase. the only one i have right now is 20% off $50 with promo code 20off50.


Jenni Weinacht said...

Shut the door! I was looking at this exact dress online this is adorable. Now that you have seen it in person and like it, I think I am going to order tonight. Thanks!

annie said...

oh my god, that's hilarious! glad I could help.