Friday, June 12, 2009

seriously, WHAT is with this rain?

every new yorker understands how traumatic it can be to walk down a sidewalk during rush hour on a rainy day. the odds of being impaled by an oversized golf umbrella carried by mister-wall-street-executive-commuting-from-greenwich-and-i-haven't-played-golf-in-ten-years-but-my-company-gave-this-to-me-for-free are at least 2:1. or even worse, the odds of your own measly $5 umbrella from the vendor on the sidewalk instantly turning inside out are at least 10:1. for a long time now i've been of the mindset that i'd rather get soaking wet than open my umbrella. that is, until i came across this dome-shaped one from laila rowe!

i love that it's more rounded than a normal umbrella - so not only are the odds of it flipping inside out lower, but the smaller width is also way more conducive to squeezing between those golfers. at a price tag of only $18.75, i'd say its worth the investment.

plus, it reminds me of the child-size clear plastic umbrella that came with the strawberry shortcake slicker/golashes set i had as a kid!

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Unknown said...

I hate those Mary Poppins moments! Someone needs to continue this dome shape idea and extend it to right around the kneecaps. Then maybe my hair would finally stop frizzing!