about me

hi! my name is annie and i'm 31 years old. i live in austin, tx with my husband but i'm originally from new york. i love bbq, live music, nine months of summer, queso and my texan dog named emilio but i really miss the ocean, my family, bagels, the subway and bodegas. my day job is in advertising and although i really like what i do, i really love to moonlight as a blogger.

i originally started paid up top to share my shopping finds with a few family and friends. little did i know anyone would actually read it. i definitely don't consider myself a trendsetter or a fashion expert, but i do consider myself a shopping extraordinaire and i'm getting better at taking self portraits (tripod + timer). it's really fun to share my quest to live stylishly on a budget and i can't imagine not having all of you lovely readers in my life.

hope you enjoy the blog and thanks so much for reading, commenting and emailing...it really means a lot to me.

find a great deal? need help finding something? questions? comments?
i'd love to hear from you! email me

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