Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i forgot about delia's. maybe because i'm too old for it?

anyone who knows me knows that my summer weekend uniform consists of a maxi dress and flat sandals. i've worn my maxis from last summer to death (particularly the black one from target you're all probably familiar with) so decided to pick up a new one. remember delia's? remember shopping there in 9th grade? remember shopping there when you're turning 30 in four days? yeah, me too. i'm a fan of the summery yet bold print on this one...haven't seen it in person yet so fingers crossed i don't look like our beloved deceased dorothy from golden girls. not to mention its only 40 bucks after using the 20% coupon code june20.

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Unknown said...

aww, RIP Bea Arthur. I tot forgot about Delia's though, good one!