Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"secret" vice

it probably doesn't help that i signed up for their promo emails, but i find myself gravitating to the victoria's secret website on a regular basis to check out their dresses and bathing suits. this white ruffle bikini with yellow polka dot bottom is my new most favorite thing in the entire world (thanks risa!!)...and it's only $18 for the top and $14.50 for the bottom. i thought it MUST be see-through or made of newspaper - nope, its awesome, comfortable and fits really well. i luuuuuv it and so does stephanie pratt of the esteemed true-to-life documentary called the hills (she's wearing the peach color in the hot tub in the "lets surprise the boys in hawaii" episode).

ps. they're having a massive dress sale through thursday and there are some cute maxis - enter dress20 at checkout.

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natalie v said...

how on earth have you remembered what the she-pratt was wearing in that episode?????