Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holy Cash Back Batman!

i don't know why i didn't pay attention to this sooner. i've been getting lucky magazine for like 4 years and at that time also signed up for MyLuckyRewards. unfortunately, i didn't pay attention to what in the world it is until my friend jenni in chicago reminded me last week. basically, you sign in to your MyLuckyRewards account, click on the merchant you plan to buy from, complete your purchase and you earn cash back. they have thousands of merchants, all with varying percentages of cash back, and they also list that merchant's current promos. so for example, if you were to buy shoes online from steve madden, MyLuckyRewards tells you about their current 25% off promo AND gives you 6% cash back. they send you a gift card every few months with your cash on it! jenni says she's earned (or saved?) about $400 in about two years.

i also just signed up for bank of america's add it up cash back program. similar to MyLuckyRewards, you get cash back on purchases you make online through their merchant page with your bank of america check card. pretty cool!!!

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