Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the trick to club monaco

i could drop about a million dollars every time i go into club monaco. i'm a huge fan of their clean lines, staples with a little bit of flair and, of course, their overzealous use of white. the only issue i have is their similarly overzealous prices. my rule for club monaco is to never ever ever buy anything full price. so since they sent me an email this morning that the june line is here (duh - #1 clue that the may line would be on sale), i beelined over during lunch. it was fate - the pair of white milla cotton shorts i've been drooling over for three weeks are $20 off. plenty of other colors and patterns, too.

p.s. the store on 5th ave and 21st is where all the others send their inventory that goes on sale.

p.p.s. i also love their new line of sunglasses (the first ones in the photo above; they're not on the CM website) but my head is too small, as usual. wuuuh-wuuuuuuh.

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