Thursday, June 11, 2009

me at a swap party - on nbc's today show

risa and i had the pleasure of going to bobbie thomas' swap party a few weekends ago -- and it was featured on this morning's today show! i took some bad screenshots but you can see us on tv by clicking this link to see the video:

so what is a swap party, you ask (and don't feel like watching video)? the concept is to be a recessionista and amp up your style without spending any money. everyone brings as many shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. as they would like across different price categories (something like up to $50, $50-150, $150+). you get a category-color-coded ticket for each item, write your name on it and throw it in a bowl. your name is pulled at random and you get to choose something from that category. so in essence, you leave with the exact number of items you brought within each price category. anything leftover gets donated to charity.

it's not a "clean out your closet" kind of thing. its more for if you have something that's in great shape but you don't wear it and you think others would appreciate it, or if you have something you don't wear but you paid too much for it to give it to goodwill.

worried about sizing? no big whoop - since everything is "free", you'll have money for tailoring. plus, accessories and bags are one size fits all!

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