Wednesday, September 30, 2009

black and white bathroom

the bathroom in our current apartment is floor-to-ceiling white and something about it was screaming to me to decorate only in black and white. i love the clean look of the two classic non-colors.

i centered the entire design palette around these canisters i found at the pottery barn outlet a few months ago...they're no longer for sale on the pottery barn website but i bet they're still lingering at an outlet near you.

this $29.99 shower curtain and and $24.99 dwell studio bath mat are both from target.

i found old fashioned hot and cold shower curtain hangers at marshalls for $5. so cute. they also have them at target and restoration hardware but they're over $20.

i also recently purchased this awesome print by ork for only $22, which i think will be the best part of the entire bathroom. isn't it cool??? i still need to find a mat and frame for my DIY framing project...i'll post pictures of the process once i get around to it. although at this rate i'll probably be living in my new apartment in austin by the time that happens...

sequins for your head

it's hard to believe the weather is already so fall-like, and i think i've mentioned before that i am totally into sequins for this season. how cute is this $32 vintage sequin beret hat from topshop?! it comes in navy blue or gold. so much more fun than the plain old fleece hat from the gap i've been wearing for years...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TOMS shoes. you're actually buying two for the price of one. (updated)

UPDATE: i found a promo code this afternoon: "FirstTOMS" for $5 off.

i may be a little late to the game with the whole TOMS shoes trend, but better late than never. TOMS' business philosophy is one i really admire. for every pair of TOMS that is purchased, they give a pair to a child in need. so really it's like you're buying two for the price of one. i think buying TOMS will be my good deed this week - and they'll be my new fall/winter commuting shoes (and maybe they'll help me fit in a little bit better in my new city filled with hipsters?). there are so many to choose from (glittery to patterned to vegan to plain canvas) and these are just two of the styles that stand out to me. check out their site, it's for a good cause!

below: anchor embroidered TOMS, $54

below: navy canvas TOMS, $44

Monday, September 28, 2009

thank you, ny times, for this article about austin

i think this article from ny times magazine sums up what everyone says when i tell them we're moving to austin. excitement level is rising.

nick and i will be going to austin for a trial run this weekend. it'll be our very first time stepping foot in the city we'll soon be calling home. itinerary is still up in the air so if you have any restaurant or bar suggestions, let 'em rip. while we aren't drinking, eating, shopping (natch) and swimming at barton springs, we will be looking for an apartment with a...wait for it...guest room for all you visitors! guest rooms are a foreign concept to new yorkers. it's very exciting.

thanks for the article, nat.

secret's out: annie does austin (and this is my 101st post!)

big news.

no, wait.

HUGE news.

nick and i are moving to austin.

yes. the austin that's in texas.


in five weeks (give or take a week or two).

nick was offered a kick ass promotion that's perfect for his career and we couldn't pass it up - even though it entails a move halfway across the country. here are a few tidbits about austin that i've learned in the week or so that i've known we're moving there:
  • dazed and confused was filmed in austin.
  • "keep austin weird" is the city's slogan. the slogan is grounded in austinite efforts to support local businesses.
  • forbes named austin the least stressful city to live in in 2009.
  • austin had almost 70 days over 100 degrees this summer.
  • barton springs is a ginormous three acre swimming "pool" in the middle of the city that is fed by a natural spring. it gets up to 18' deep.
  • my favorite coffee shop in the whole entire world, coffee bean and tea leaf, recently opened a store in downtown austin. natch, austinites revolted since it's a chain and goes against the whole "keep austin weird" mantra. i, however, will blog from there as much as humanly possible with a large chai in hand.
i've also been doing some blog stalking to learn more about austin's style and it reminds me a whole lot of the hipsters here in brooklyn and the lower east side. i'm going to be "that preppy girl" and stand out like a sore thumb. these are the austin-based sites i've recently added to my blogroll...check 'em out!
i'm so sad to be leaving nyc and the east coast. but i'm excited for what it means for nick's career and for a new adventure with the hubby. and i'm also excited for all of the visitors i'm going to have and to finally get to attend sxsw and acl.

most of the details of the move are up in the air so i'll be sharing updates along the way. until then, keep austin weird!

Friday, September 25, 2009

a sweater that's nautical and sparkly all in one

i saw this topshop knitted lurex top last week and it's been hanging out in the back of my head ever since. these photos from their website are BAD but it caught my eye because i really like the somewhat nautical look paired with the sparkly gold stripes. the gold buttons along the collar are my favorite. at $70 i think it could be a good fall and winter staple! i kinda wish it was navy blue but that may push the sailory look over the edge.

"cool catchall", according to martha stewart living

i cannot take credit. i saw this in martha stewart living and instantly fell in love. who wouldn't want an old skool wheely laundry cart? this one from steele canvas is $77 and is so cool and industrial looking. you could tuck it into your closet/laundry room or leave it out, depending on your taste.

i think i need to get one to replace my very very very old pier1 laundry basket that has miraculously survived three cities and five moves.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

tiny people standing on a bookshelf

anyone who has been in my apartment knows that i'm psychotic about the bookshelf in my living room. i drive nick crazy by mandating that we color coordinate our books and place any knick-knacks (i try to keep them to a minimum unless it's a photo of our nephew) in very particular places. these people bookends were in a recent CB2 catalogue for $39.95 (for two) and i've been thinking of scooping them up from the store here in soho. i like that they're kinda sorta almost but not really keith haring-esque and have a modern edge. maybe they'll make my chick lit look cool.

don't forget to go through myluckyrewards if you ever order from CB2 for 3% cash back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

challenge #1: $100ish for an entire outfit

i decided i'm going to start blogging about once a month about a shopping challenge i create for myself (or that you give me!). this inaugural challenge was to put together an outfit appropriate for a weekend night - for $100 or less, not including undergarments. this outfit was inspired by the moonshine dress from and all of the accompanying pieces just happened to fall into place.

clockwise from top left:
grand total? $107.78. not too shabby! let me know if you have a challenge for me...i'm ready.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

all of these keys are key for my jewelry collection

i was recently perusing the tiffany website for gift ideas and i am really liking their new collection of key jewelry. these are some other beautiful key pieces i've seen lately that i think deserve a little attention. a few are from my favorite website for supporting independent artists -

below: gara danielle key necklace for $165 (btw how weird is that katie holmes lookalike high school yearbook photo?)

below: annekiel skeleton key ring for $78

below: gorjana key charm necklace $65. get promo code info here.

below: ball and chain double gold plated solid silver necklace for $55

Monday, September 21, 2009

need your help...dress or boots?

i'm on a shopping freeze until october but i have found myself pining away for two items in particular. i really need black boots (don't have any) but i also need some transitional dresses...and i can only afford one. what's your vote? my rational side is telling me boots but my other side is saying dress. HELP! please help a sista out and post your vote in the comments.

option #1: steve by steve madden iden boots. normally $159 but 25% off promo makes them $119.96. i love how loeffler randal-esque they are (but without the $800+ price tag).

option #2: yumi kim dani dress. normally $195 but an in-store anniversary promo on thursday for 30% off would make it $136.50. would be fab with a cardi and some textured tights.

oooh baby! my secret to soft skin

i get a lot of compliments on how soft my skin is (my sister says my hands are so soft because i don't do any manual labor...that probably helps too). well, here's my secret: johnson and johnson baby products. i slather my bod in baby oil after i dry off from the shower and once the oil is fully absorbed, i top it off with good old fashioned baby lotion. not only are they both super smooth, really light and the best scent in the entire world (babies!), they're also usually less than $5 each. plus, if you go through the J&J website, they'll give you $1.00 off at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i die i die i die for january jones - especially in this versace

the emmys have barely started but i NEEEEEEED to write about january jones. i absolutely LOVE her style and her look at tonight's emmy awards did not disappoint. she looks 100% stunning in this versace gown. i'm sure others may disagree but i love love love. i haven't officially voted her my #1 best dressed at the emmy awards but i can guarantee she's in the top three.