Sunday, July 3, 2011

the doyles are going greenish

you guys know all about nick's garden in the back. well, knowing how much nick could use the compost and after spending a few days at a friend's ranch out in central texas where they compost like craaazy, i realized just how much useful trash i was throwing away. so i decided we'd become a composting family. i found this super cute countertop compost bin at world market for $14.99 and after a fruitless search on craigslist for a used composter, we ended up buying a relatively inexpensive one for $98 from home depot. i spent about 45 minutes in 100 degree weather putting it together so it better make the best compost in the world.

btw, it's not like we're a farm or anything...although we do have egg-laying hens now...more on that soon.

Friday, July 1, 2011

reader question: what to wear with the tiered skirt

i had a reader write yesterday asking if i could suggest some tops/jackets/cardis to go with the banana republic tiered ruffle skirt in wednesday's post. here are just some of the options i came up with after a few clicks around the world wide web (admittedly, i found a lot of keepers at zara). any of these strike your fancy? i can keep really depends on how work-appropriate you'd like to be...and really, any top could be paired with any jacket.

to be honest, my go-to top would probably be a white wifebeater and I'd take a summer scarf along in case there's a chill. easy and simple.

combo #1: lulu's superfine lace white tank top, $41 paired with zara's buttoned blazer, $69.90 on sale for $49.99

combo #2: urban outfitters' ecote embroidered cami (love the back!), $59 paired with zara's short/vintage retro jacket (has awesome zipper cuff details), $129 on sale for $99.99

combo #3: zara's pintuck blouse, $39.90 on sale for $29.99 paired with zara's blazer with lapel, $159 on sale for $99.99

combo #4 (and the one i'd choose): victoria's secret's silk button-front henley, $68 on sale for $58.50 paired with victoria's secret's quilted leather moto jacket, $129 (don't forget to use an offer code!)