Sunday, January 3, 2010

wow, my first post in quite a while...and p.s. it's 2010

hi guys! thanks for sticking with me during my nice long break from blogging. nick and i spent christmas with my family on long island where we got to meet my very special cousin's very special newborn (three weeks old) baby callie ruth. from there we had a much needed visit with some of our best friends, christy and bobby, then took a ride on good old bolt bus to surprise nick's family down in baltimore. we finally got to meet our new six week old niece emma and spend time with our adorable 2 1/2 year old nephew aidan. it was a baby- and family-filled week and we loved every minute of it!

we got away from the frigid temps and arrived home to austin just in time to celebrate new year's eve with some friends at the black joe lewis & the honeybears show at stubb's.

the crazy part is how excited both nick and i were to get home to austin...both of us even call it "home" now and it's definitely starting to feel that way. especially when we picked our adopted dog emilio up from the kennel - i love him!

so i'm excited to be back. no new year's resolution for me...just to keep taking my vitamins and also to keep living stylishly without spending my life we go!