Monday, January 11, 2010

last call sale at neiman marcus was a huge [alice + olivia] success

i went up to neiman marcus with my friends andrea and taylor on friday. i thought i'd tag along just for fun (considering i have no job and no income) but what did i find? possibly one of the best sales i've ever come across at neimans. i fell in love with this alice + olivia puff sleeve dress...and it was on sale for 65% off - $84 marked down from $242! i resisted buying it but woke up the next morning and made nick go back with me to get it. afterall, he is my sugar daddy.

below: front of the dress

below: back of the dress

below: lo bosworth wearing the dress

only sad thing is the dress is sold out online. also seems that the online prices aren't as good as what i saw in store. if you have the time and a neimans near you, it's worth the trip for some affordable designer duds.

good luck!

ps. buyer beware, they only accept cash, check or the neimans credit card when you shop in-store. MOST. RIDICULOUS. RULE. EVER, neeeeeeeeimans!