Wednesday, December 23, 2009

merry christmas and happy new year!!

photo credit: austin skyline with the zilker park moontower tree by jay janner/austin american-statesman

i can't express to you how thankful i am to each and every one of you. when i first started this blogging endeavor back in june i thought it'd be a fun little thing that only my mom would read and that i'd give up after a few weeks. who woulda thought that six months later i'm still at it and still loving it - and most importantly, loving that you love it.

thanks for staying with me through our move to austin and through my whining as i've been on shopping lockdown during my job search. it's been hard to be away from all of my friends and family and start a new life here in austin...and as little as it may seem, blogging every day has given me an outlet and has helped me get through the hard days just a little bit easier.

i sincerely wish you all a very very very merry christmas. i'll be taking some time off from blogging while i spend time with my family in the northeast - and i hope you'll be taking some time off from blog stalking to spend time with yours, too.

merry christmas and happy new year. i'll be back in 2010 with fresh ideas and a renewed vigor.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (to infinity)