Tuesday, January 5, 2010

diy: refinishing my big ugly metal star

i bought this big metal star at homegoods a few years ago for a mere $24.99 (the price tag is still on the back). well, i don't like it anymore. i like the star concept but i don't like the way it looks and i really need something to put above our bed. so i decided to refinish it. i knew i wanted to make it silver/nickel to match the drawer pulls on the furniture and i also wanted to add a little texture to go with the nailhead trim on our bedframe. here's my step-by-step process to making the star match our bedroom decor a little bit better.

step 1:
gather all of your tools. i got all of mine at hobby lobby...krylon brushed metal spray paint in nickel for $5.99, sandpaper in medium grain, and a roll of pearl string for $6.99.

step 2:
sand off the top layer of sheen. it came off really easy and the sanding only took about 5 minutes. you don't have to get the old paint off, just the top layer of whatever makes it shiny since spray paint probably wouldn't stick to that.

step 3:
wipe down the star to get all of the loose dirt and grit off. let dry.

step 4:
lay down plastic sheets, grab the glue gun and adhere the string of pearls around the outside of the star.

step 5:
spray away, using long broad strokes to avoid dripping. mine needed two coats and a little extra here and there.

below: this is the star before starting the process...

below: the materials

below: voila! finished.

below: the finished product...