Sunday, January 24, 2010

chateau annie and nick

so i thought i'd give a quick update on recent happenings in austin...aside from the usual work, etc. nick and i have had a really fun couple of weeks. the chateau (also known as our guest room) has been booked solid...our BFFs christy and bobby came for their inaugural visit and it was, plus a really great long visit from my mom followed closely behind. we love having visitors! hint hint.

here we are at oasis to watch the sunset over lake travis...but it was cloudy and freezing so we took a photo in front of this sunset billboard instead. love it.

and here's me and nick at salt lick in the perfect 70 degree weather while waiting for our table. mmmm bbq...

...and then enjoying a bottle of wine and the view at driftwood vineyards in hill country.

we don't know who this pink gorilla is but he was the highlight of our night at rebel's honky tonk on W 5th st. pink gorilla, i hope to see you again next time.

i wasn't a great of a photog for my mom's visit but we had a great time. we ate a lot of bbq (i decided i'm obsessed with county line but i'm not into the no-fork-rule at kreuz') and tex mex (free margaritas at el chile while they await their liquor license? yes please!), explored the town, did some shopping, went on some long drives through hill country, tasted some delicious pie, saw avatar at the imax in 3D, and about a billion other things i won't bore you with. i heart moms!

in other news, monday's my first day of work at the new gig and i'm super anxious. i've done a bunch of studying and prepping but i definitely have the scaries already...

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pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Looks so fun! Can't wait to experience it first hand in just a couple weeks! Good luck with your first day-- if Working Girl has taught me anything it's that you should never underestimate the effectiveness of big hair and a power suit with shoulder pads at the office. Keep that in mind. I mean, that's total Texas style anyway, right?!