Monday, January 25, 2010

first day of school outfit

eek, so as already mentioned, today is my first day of my new jobby! starting a new gig always makes me so totally much to learn, so many new names to remember, a new routine to figure out. reminds me of the first day of school every year when i spent the entire night before trying on every single article of clothing in my closet for the oh-so-perfect back to school outfit...and yes...i went through the exact same process last night.

i want to wear something that's kinda a "take me [kinda] seriously and i can look casually professional while not looking too cookie cutter" type of thing. i ended up with something just like this (subject to change when it actually comes time to get dressed):

clockwise from top left:
  • ann taylor silk georgette open stitch shirt, ann taylor, $49.99 + an extra 25% off
  • muse bag, yves saint laurent, $1,395
  • spanx swiss dot tights, shopbop, $28
  • follies suede wedge in purple, seychelles via, $61.99 from $80
  • blossom belted skirt, forever21, $17.80
ps. i'm gonna wear the skirt with a black belt instead of the floral but i couldn't find a photo.

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