Friday, January 29, 2010

my sequin wedges are packed

nick and i are off to san diego for the weekend! one of my oldest friends from high school, kyle, is celebrating his marriage (he kinda sorta eloped with the coolest girl ever a few months ago) and i'm so excited to be able to join in on the fun. i'm also looking forward to spending some QT with my BFF katie and her hubs, who live in my old home of san francisco.

don't ask me what i'm wearing to the party...all i know is my outfit will involve these sequin leopard wedges from forever21 for $25.80. don't worry, the leopard is WAY more understated in person. another victim of bad website photography.


Louise said...

I love those!! Great find. Have a safe trip to Cali and hope the first week of work was good!

janet mccauley said...

I know you will all have a great time together!!! can only imagine the stories that will to told!! love the shoes!!!