Tuesday, January 12, 2010

stay warm by wrapping your mitts around a hug mug

before moving to austin i was lucky enough to live one block from max brenner's east village location in NYC. max brenner, also known as "the bald man", is a store/restaurant dedicated to eating and drinking chocolate. it is the perfect place to go with a group of chicks on a cold winter day to gossip over hot chocolate, chocolate fondue or a chocolate martini or two (rhyming not done on purpose).

my MIL knows my desire for anything sweet and/or chocolate and gave me a set of max brenner hug mugs with a hot chocolate kit for christmas. hug mugs are just genius - shaped like a cacao bean, the mug is designed to keep your hands warm while drinking your hot chocolate. the only thing i'd change? make that puppy bigger!!!

find them here for only $8.90. comes with saucer.