Wednesday, January 20, 2010

forever21 twelve by twelve collection = appropriate for grown ups

while shopping for some new work duds last week i decided to spend some time digging through the racks of forever21. it was a nice surprise how refreshing my experience was here compared to my usual experience at the new york city stores. a girl actually came up to me to ask if i needed help finding anything...i looked at her like she had six heads before i came to my senses and realized she was JUST DOING HER JOB. not to mention all of the racks were organized BY SIZE. whoa! good for you, forever21 at barton square mall.

anyway, i spent most of my time in the twelve by twelve section. the twelve by twelve collection is a little bit more refined with more girly fabrics and small details, and in my opinion is way more appropriate for a 30 year old than any of their other lines (yesssss, i'm 30). that's where i found this super cute pleated bubble sleeve top for $29. i can't wait to pair mine with a thick pair of leggings and boots or wedges.

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