Friday, January 8, 2010

don't eat yellow snow. wear this cardi instead.

AE cardigan jacket by american eagle. $49.50; available in classic navy heather, yellow rose (pictured), vermont heather and chalk.

isn't this sweater so cheery? i thought it would be a fun item to blog about considering the only thing yellow most of you have seen lately is yellow snow. i'm dying to get all cozy in it and bring a little sunshine to these freeeeezing winter days (it's in the 20s in austin right now, wtf?!). and the double pockets are cute to boot.


Louise said...

I love this...kinda want to get it :) Btw, saw your tweet on Tamra (real housewives) - whoa! I dvr'd it last night and can't wait to get home and watch!

annie said...

i'm obsessed with the OC housewives...i guess i should be ashamed to admit that...but they're fascinating. enjoy the episode!

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