Friday, June 25, 2010

revamping the skort with chiffon scallop shorts


right? i think i'm extra excited this friday because...i'll be on vacation next week! nick and i are leaving emilio with a dogsitter and we're heading to charleston to visit my parents at their new condo. don't worry, i have a few posts up my sleeve for while i'm away so you won't miss me while i'm gone.

one thing i wish i had in my wardrobe for the trip? these lucca couture chiffon scallop shorts from urban outfitters for $48. i'm loving the trend of "fancy shorts" that could pass for a skirt and the scalloped edges of these are so precious. plus they'd look really cute with my new oxfords. might have to stop at urban for a pair before i pack this weekend...


janet said...

have a great time with the family...give them our love!!!

Quirine Hartong said...

Tell me about it. After about a 10 year hiatus, I'm finally able to buy shorts again. I can't do big cuffs, I can't do bermudas and I can't do pleats. High-waisted 1940's shorts that look a-line and stop mid-thigh? That I can (almost) pull off.