Monday, June 14, 2010

it's my birthday!

i am officially in my thirties. today is my 31st birthday and although most people dread any birthday after the big 3-0, i really don't mind it. i love using my birthday as a reminder to reflect on the year that has just flown by and the past year has been awesome. turning 31 has inspired me to do my own version of us weekly's 25 (but i did 31) things you don't know about me. here goes:
  1. i only like to eat eggs when i'm hungover.
  2. i'm dying to take a photography class. all i need is a DSLR camera.
  3. i can give myself a french manicure better than the pros can.
  4. my family is very quiet and i don't talk very much.
  5. i might be the only woman on the planet who thinks sarah jessica parker is a terrible actress.
  6. "you're a grand old flag" is one of my favorite songs (june 14 = my birthday = flag day).
  7. all i want to be when i grow up is a mom.
  8. i've never seen any of the rocky, rambo or godfather movies.
  9. my first concert was phish at madison square garden when i was in high school. when i got home my mom asked me if i smoked pot. i didn't.
  10. my absolute favorite activity is sitting on the beach with my family.
  11. nick popped the question by secretly flying to ireland while i was there for my family trip. i get all flustered every time i think of that day.
  12. giving people meaningful gifts makes me really happy.
  13. i don't like fish but i force myself to eat it anyway.
  14. i went to loyola college in baltimore, where i met my husband and some of my best friends in the entire world.
  15. after graduation i couldn't find a job in advertising so i sold gutters for three months.
  16. my hero is my little brother. he's the most amazing person and i look up to him like you couldn't imagine.
  17. i'm thrifty about my clothes but i don't cut costs on my handbags. my favorite is my marc jacobs stam.
  18. i lived out of my car for a month when i first moved to san francisco in 2003. my car was broken into and all they stole was my underwear and my CDs. aaaawwwkwaaard.
  19. i'm terrified of horseback riding and ferris wheels.
  20. brothers and sisters and real housewives of new york/new jersey/orange county are tied for my favorite tv show (/guilty pleasure).
  21. i love road trips and i've driven across the country two and a half times.
  22. i've spent a night in the slammer. central booking in baltimore is a very scary place.
  23. i brushed my teeth too much and now i have gum problems.
  24. i've never done yoga but i love to run. getting off the couch is the hardest thing about it.
  25. i cry all the time. just thinking about crying makes me want to cry. watching the we are the world video (the original) is a guaranteed cry. it drives nick insane.
  26. i'm musically challenged - i took piano lessons for a year until i pretended to break my thumb. i played clarinet in junior high and used to "lip sync" during practice and concerts.
  27. one day i'd really like to have a pool and a vegetable garden in my backyard.
  28. i'm turning into a wienie in my old age. i've been sky diving, bungee jumping and i have a tattoo - but now the thought of riding a roller coaster gives me anxiety.
  29. i am one of the worst dancers ever. EVER.
  30. i don't drink coffee.
  31. my favorite celebrity is jessica simpson. please don't judge me.


janetmccauley said...

happy birthday my dear sweet Annie...we love you so much..I loved your 31 thoughts!!!! hugs and kisses.... enjoy your wonderful day...the whole country is celebrating just for you!!!!xoxoxox

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Annie!! Excited to see you this weekend :) Love the list...I'm with you on #8, #22 you will have to explain this weekend and #24 - let me know if you want to give yoga a shot this weekend!

Olga said...

Happy Birthday Annie!! Giving people meaningful gifts makes me really happy, too. Hope you receive some of those today :)

pan galactic gargle blogger said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE! What an amazing list; I never knew you sold gutters! And I AM judging you about Jessica Simpson-- inexcusable!

Nonetheless, I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing 31st year and I can't wait to see you in July :)

mom said...

Happy Birthday to you Annie. I saw you on your birthday for the first time in years - if only for a minute at your favorite time of the day.... I cry when I think of you crying, and I love #6, #7 and #16. LOVE YOU (quietly)!

Sarah J said...

Annie, hope you had a happy birthday! I just read this and love it! I do something similar for my friends on their birthdays where I list the top things I love about them. I even read a list at a wedding reception as my speech once Totally agree with you on #20!

amanda said...

i love this list!