Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20% off for my readers from peggy li jewelry!

what better way to start off a tuesday than with a 20% off coupon code from peggy li jewelry - especially for paid up top readers? coupon code "put20" expires in two weeks (7/13). let me know what you buy!!!

peggy left her job in chemical engineering a few years ago because she wanted to create feminine jewelry that makes women feel beautiful - only to end up with designs on private practice, grey's anatomy, and without a trace! i have a soft spot for anyone who lives in my old home of san francisco, and i plan to use the coupon code for one of the pieces below...but there are so many more to choose from. decisions, decisions.

below: little leaf necklace, available in silver or gold-fill (+$5), $49 ($39.20 after discount)

below: gold leaf earrings, available in gold vermeil or silver, $39 ($31.20 after discount)

below: nested wire ring, available in gold fill (+$10) or silver with or without a stone (for an extra cost), $42 ($33.60 after discount)


Lani said...

Awesome! I've been looking for the perfect rose gold hoops for almost a year. Done and done - thanks Annie!

Jennifer Prentice said...

I love this ring! I found your blog through Jenni (aka- Louise Loves It) and I just adore it. Thanks for the great promo code to Peggi Li!

annie said...

So glad!!! Jenni introduced me to your blog too!