Monday, June 28, 2010

recipes: an organic margarita

i'm not one to stick to an all-organic diet, but i do appreciate easy ways to incorporate more organic foods into my diet...errr...liquid diet. a friend of mine recently introduced me to modmix, a line of organic cocktail mixers.

i remembered to take a photo of a margarita (rocks with salt...mmm) i made with the last of the bottle in my fridge so i could share with you before enjoying every last drop, and i plan to drink plenty more during this week's vacation in charleston. the flavor is so fresh and way better than regular old margarita mix made with godknowswhat. be sure to make your margarita with a good tequila so as not to ruin the flavor of the modmix. not a drinker? it's also awesome with club soda for a fresh, fizzy virgin version.

shown: citrus margarita. also available in wasabi bloody mary, lavender lemon drop, pomegranate cosmopolitan, mojito and french martini. average about $10 per bottle. available at stores like whole foods, food emporium, d'agostino and costco or their website's online store.


Louise said...

These look great - will pick some up for our upcoming 4th party this weekend. Have a great time in Charleston - jealous!!

Mary O'Chiang said...

You talked me into it. I am veeeeery thirsty now... Enjoy your vacation!