Friday, June 11, 2010

recipe: italian toasts

i admit it...i stole this recipe from nick. he made it up the very first time he made me dinner and it's been a staple complement to help jazz up a boring pasta dinner ever since.

step 1: slice a baguette into half-inch rounds, buttering as you like and drizzling with a bit of olive oil. sprinkle with a dash of garlic salt and oregano.

step 2: place in toaster or conventional oven and bake until browned. baking gives them a better crisp than simply toasting.

step 3: remove from oven and cover with provolone cheese.

step 4: place back into oven and watch carefully as the cheese melts quickly.

step 5: serve immediately with your favorite pasta dish. as you can tell, i like my cheese ravioli covered with parmesan with a side of italian toast covered in provolone. there's no such thing as too much cheese on one plate. don't worry, i had my vegetables at lunch.

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Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

I love this! looks yummy :) i'm bookmarking it :)