Thursday, June 17, 2010

i'm no dancer, but i do love pilates

i'm not a member of a gym and i've always been scared and shy when it comes to group exercise (my exercise of choice is running solo around town lake here in austin)...until now. a colleague of mine is also an incredible pilates instructor and convinced me to take her group mat class at the local ballet center.

and i love it.

and it's not scary.

and it's cheap.

and it's working.

if you've never tried a pilates mat class, check out your local ballet or dance center for group classes. the one i'm enrolled in at ballet austin is six sessions for $65 and there are only eight people in the's great motivation and a solid toning workout. i had a class just before i sat down to write this and my arms are shaking a little as a type!

for those of you in austin, check out my friend/colleague/instructor's private studio - somaspace pilates. anyone up for a dual session?

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