Wednesday, June 30, 2010

handmade screenprinted scarves

i've written before about my love for scarves. and although i will be sitting on a beach in south carolina all week AND it's 99 degrees in austin on a daily basis lately, i can't resist the urge to curl up in one of these babies ($55 from prettypenny's etsy shop). it'd be perfect to leave on the back of my chair for over-air conditioned days in the office, or for cuddling on the beach at the end of a long day in the sun.

pretty penny, as she's called in her etsy shop, lovingly handcrafts each piece and uses upcycled, bamboo or organic fabrics wherever she can. plus everything comes in a reusable screen printed muslin bag. she now also screen prints leggings. i heart her!

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pan galactic gargle blogger said...

love unique etsy items! less of a chance of having that embarrassing run in with someone wearing the same item!