Thursday, December 10, 2009

custom family trees by my tree & me

this past monday was my grandmother's 80th birthday. i might be biased, but i firmly believe she's the best grandma in the whole entire world. i wouldn't be who i am today without having grandma in my life.

every year for christmas, we try to give her something special from all of us grandkids. this year we decided on a custom family tree from my tree & me: my tree & me designs and customizes modern genealogy charts. these non-traditional family trees illustrate the family connections that make us who we are.

we chose the proud as a peacock tree design and ours ended up being a totally custom order since we decided to show my grandma's descendants rather than her ancestors. it's typically $95 for the customizable version or $70 for the DIY version, but even as a completely custom job the price was extremely fair.

these are some of my other favorite designs. my tree & me is pretty busy for christmas so hurry up and place an order if you're looking for a great gift that truly is straight from the heart. they also have gift cards!

below: ripples in a pond, $55

below: minimalist octopus, $95 for the customizable version or $70 for the DIY version

below: slice of life, $95

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