Thursday, December 3, 2009

a beautiful, well-read bookshelf

**update** my friend lani got some from amazon starting at $13!

thank you to penguin and coralie bickford-smith. you heard my cries for help to make my hodgepodge bookshelf look like a gorgeous, well-read piece of art. ms. bickford-smith, from what i understand, is a senior cover designer at penguin and is responsible for creating this beautiful series of covers for some of the penguin classics. in the collection you'll fine authors like charlotte bronte, emily bronte, charles dickens and jane austin, to name a few. pricier than the plain old black-spined paperbacks? yes. worth it to have the prettiest bookshelf ever? yes. you can buy classics individually for $20 each or in 8-piece sets for $130. maybe a nice gift for your favorite english major?

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