Friday, December 4, 2009

boskke sky planter - so pretty yet so confusing

this white sky planter by boskke is SO. COOL. designed by patrick morris, the concept is meant to conserve water and space while adding a modern touch to your living space. this short video shows how it works but i'm still confused as to how to water it and keep the dirt and plant from ending up in a pile on the floor. i might have to get one to house an orchid (i lurv me some orchids) just to test it out.

it's not available from the boskke website but i did find it at velocity art and design for $75 with free shipping.


Louise said...

OK, I so don't get it either (and the video doesn't quite explain)! How the heck does the dirt not spill out?? If you get one, please clue me in. Cool looking though!

Caitlin @ That House on The Corner said...

WAY WAY cool! I mean, so awesome... did you ever get one?

annie said...

i didn't...but i still plan to at some point, i hope! i'll post an update if/when i do.