Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my tribute (kinda not really) to the nyc subway system

right before nick and i moved down to good ole' austin, we found a pile of old subway signs from the 1970s for sale at billy's antiques and props on houston street. we thought it'd be cool to have a vintage piece of genuine new york city history in our new home. since we wanted a stop that we frequented as nyc residents, the price of the sign skyrocketed just like the rents in our old hood. it was a great purchase and i'm glad we splurged on it.

that being said, what do you know -- a few days ago i found this company, underground signs, who specializes in replica subway signs. don't get me wrong, i obviously prefer to spend my loot on a legitimate version that came right out from the tunnels of manhattan -- but these would do just fine if you're too far to drive to billy's for the real thing or if you're looking for a little kitsch for a few less dollar signs -- 8' for $400, 5' for $310, 12" for $99.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for shopping at Billy's Antiques and Props where the Ye Olde Bowery is still very much alive...Billy