Thursday, December 17, 2009

new laptop sleeve/file folder = merry christmas to me

so yesterday i was out christmas shopping and came across a really nice looking leather portfolio/computer sleeve at the limited. and so i decided to get a little christmas present for myself. let me tell you, this little guy is GREAT. i picked up the tan version on sale for $14. 70 from $24.50. it's really soft and chic and is sleek enough to be used as a file folder for client meetings or taking work home. it will make me look like the star account manager that i truly am...once i'm back in an office.


christmas miracles do happen, right?

side note: the photo above from the limited website sucks. again, what is with these stores and their terrible product photography?! it looks like it's from the elementary school catalog of things you'd sell door-to-door to raise money for the museum field trip. ok, done. here are some photos i took with my point-and-shoot.

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