Friday, February 4, 2011

trying out le garage sale

le garage sale is self-identified as the "coolest independent boutiques all under one roof" - and all at clearance prices. every other season or so le garage sale makes its way to austin and all of the local boutiques bring their seasonal merch to the palmer events center and slash prices. for a $10 ticket at the door, you can spend all day digging into racks and racks of shoes, jewelry, clothes and other accessories. it doesn't look like much from my bad iphone photos, but it was chock full of designer (and some not designer) gear worth a look. kinda like a big huge sample sale that brought me back to my nyc roots. i spent a few hours there on sunday (they slash the prices continually as the weekend goes on) with my friend andrea and walked out with a bright blue maxi dress for $30 that was originally priced at $130 and that will be perfect for the spring and fall months here in austin. andrea got a staple boyfriend blazer for a mere $20. worth the $10 entry fee, i'd say! not sure if it's a national thing or just a few cities here and there, but it's definitely worth a look for one in yours.


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Oh I love those things—you can get great deals! Reminds my of the event my company produced last summer in the Hamptons ( By the end of the day they give stuff away!

I cannot wait until it's time to buy sun dresses here ;)

Jennifer S. said...

awww the famed le garage sale....I lived there for 5 years and never went. I am totally regret that I never took the time to go....