Thursday, February 3, 2011

recipes: aunt linda's penne a la vodka

it has been WAY too long since i made this recipe. sourced from my lovely aunt linda back home on long island, this penne a la vodka will bring all the neighbors knocking on the door. it's super easy and super delicious - and it makes a lot so you can feed a few people and have plenty of leftovers. nick and i actually split the sauce into two parts and freeze one for a quick, delicious meal when we don't have time to cook.

below: onions, scallions and garlic in butter and olive oil (the recipe calls for four shallots but i usually do half onions, half shallots instead)

below: after adding the tomato

below: instead of getting the ginormous bottle of local dripping springs vodka down from the top shelf of the pantry, i used this nip that was randomly on one of the lower shelves. exactly the amount i needed. i'm wearing opi's opi on collins ave on my nails.

below: all of the ingredients together for a quick simmer

below: ready to serve. love! we also had these on the side.

i meant to pick up some fresh basil or spinach while at the grocery store and completely forgot. instead, we whipped up some gulf shrimp to add more lean protein to our meal. i'll eat more veggies for lunch tomorrow to make up for the missing food group (i'm guessing parsley doesn't count).

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Noelani said...

This looks delicious! I have been on a bit of a pasta binge as of late....bolognase, carbonara, fresh ravioli; this will fit in nicely!