Thursday, February 10, 2011

this one's for amber: closet tour

i had a special request come in last week from my colleague amber. she begged and pleaded (slash kinda suggested) that i post a little tour of my closet. while i do think this is a fun way to check out what's in my toolkit, nothing is the same as going in an rifling around. am i right? how awesome is it to root through your BFFs closet and borrow to your heart's content? anyway, i hope you enjoy the tour and one day get to come over and check it out in person!

here's the video tour with a still version below for those of you without video/sound capabilities at work...i couldn't get it to fit in the window, so you can watch it on youtube by right clicking.

below: behind closed doors

below: the broad view

below: the hanging shoes...the ones i don't wear as often

below: shelves full of jeans and cardis, plus racks of blouses and tanks

below: racks of warm sweaters and sweats, plus racks of dresses, skirts, pants and jackets

below: the shoes i wear most often alongside a stack of scarves

below: dresses flanked by skirts/pants and blouses - my fave fancy bags on the top shelf

below: a basket full of clutches and smaller bags


Jennifer C. said...

Those black flip flops with the schematic-blue stripe are fantastic. Wherever did you get them? ;)

annie said...

are they not the best? phenomenally fashionable, if you ask me.

amber said...

well at least now I know what i need to aspire to in order to come to work every day looking like i just stepped out of a fashion magazine. This girl (points to self) has gotta start somewhere.