Wednesday, February 16, 2011

try on trip to forever 21 (via the internet)

sometimes i like to peruse the new arrivals at forever 21 to see if there's anything interesting. last night i spent a few minutes looking at the "view all" page of the new arrivals and decided i'd be trying on the following items if i can find them in store. have you found anything good at forevs lately?

below: woven panels tunic, $15.80

below: berries n cream contrast dress, $29.80

below: belted knit dress, $19.80

below: silk feathers top, $29.80

below: peace dove open cardigan, $17.80

below: sleeveless brush stroke top, $15.80

below: small basketweave leatherette bag, $22.80

below: circle embellished knit top, $19.80

below: falling flower top (also in white), $14.90

below: failing blossom tie up dress (also in blue), $18.90


Emilie said...

i ordered the berries n cream contrast dress last week. i'll let you know how it looks when it arrives. love their new designer, petro zillia, collabo.

Kelly B said...

Looked everywhere for the Berries 'n Cream dress but can not find it :( They sold out online, too. Emilie, if you don't like it, send it over to me!!! :)

annie said...

kelly, what a bummer! you never know when it'll turn up so keep an eye out!

Kelly B said...

I know, I keep looking on their site in hopes it'll come back. Also, I'm keeping an eye out on ebay just in case it somehow ends up there.

Kelly B said...

I finally got it on EBay...One person put it up...Hurray! Love it! :)