Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a backyard vegetable garden

just like michelle obama said we should, nick and i spent our day off yesterday making a kitchen garden. we waited until the austin cold seems to have gone for good (it was in the 80s yesterday, woot!), scoped out the best spot in the yard and put in a 5x5 raised bed and a few pots full of broccoli, beans, brussels sprouts, asparagus (which btw takes three years to show any yield, wuh wuhuuu), peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries. we've also recently planted a fig tree, a peach tree, blueberries, grapes and a calamondon tree. pretty soon you might see us with a booth at the local farmers market (ok...not really). emilio was a very good helper...until he walked right through the garden in an attempt to catch a squirrel in a tree above. it has since been surrounded with chicken wire.

ps. here's a nice shot up emilio's nose. he loves mooching it up for the camera.


Kirsten said...

It looks so good (and fresh). And 80s- ugh I'm so jealous!

pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Love your patriotism! Michelle failed to take into consideration that if a majority of the country tried to grow a garden right now, all my veggies would freeze :( Cause it's still snowing here. But I still love her. All the more reason to try to get to Austin soon!

mom said...

80's or snow - which do you prefer? Garden looks wonderful. And so does Emilio :-) Did Nick use his new nail gun?