Wednesday, February 9, 2011

currently coveting: blue maxi from anthro

this girl (pointing at myself) took a little detour to anthropologie while running errands on sunday. i had zero intention of buying anything aside from options for door pulls for the media console table and came out successfully without buying a thing not on the list. but what i also came out with was a lust for this silk in the abstract dress. obsessed. the only reason i didn't walk out with it right then and there is the $248 price tag. come oooooon, go on saaaaaaale!


Lani DeGuire said...

BOOM - on sale

Lani DeGuire said...

and don't let the size thing deter you - a lot of times if you call the 800 number they'll check for your size at stores, and will sell it to you through those shops.

good luck!

annie said...

i bought it last week but they only had a size too big - it's at home waiting for me to try it on...hooooping it's not too big.