Monday, December 13, 2010

dusty birds

zara blouse, jcrew jacket, forever21 necklace, old navy jeans, kors shoes

after putting this blog post together i realized that i REALLY need to dust the mirror in my bedroom. forgive me...

i picked up this blouse from zara last weekend while i should have been doing some christmas shopping. it reminds me of miu miu's bird print, which is too expensive for this little lady to own, so zara's rip-off version will have to do.

promise i'll bring the tripod back soon.

ps. hope you guys had a great weekend! nick and i took a little trip to san antonio for an overnight getaway. it was really fun to get out of town without an agenda. we filled our time with a good mix of things - some christmas shopping, some wine-drinking and some touristy stuff. sad to see monday come so quickly.


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Ohh love that shirt—I love that Mui Mui print: I want the platform shoes! Hope San Antonio helped alleviate the stress of the fender bender :)

Noelani said...

You know I love that miu miu print!! The shirt is too cute.....why does the Zara here never seem to have anything good?