Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY: dark and scary to light and airy

i spent most of the weekend home sick and got a great night's sleep on saturday, so woke up sunday energized and ready to do something aside from sit on the couch. hence, this little craft project that's been on my to-do list for about three months. i bought this frame from ikea on a whim with no idea where or how i'd use it, but i decided to do my own version of this idea from joi over at nuestra vida dulce.

first i gathered all of my gear (just the frame, a cardboard box and some white spray paint) and did some early morning spray painting.

then, while that dried, i gathered supplies for the inside of the frame - yellow scrapbooking paper and some gray/silver patterned wrapping paper.

i traced the inside of the frame onto the wrapping paper and cut out the oval.

then used the ol' laptop to trace "a + n" onto a post-it, and did some more tracing onto the yellow scrapbook paper.

THEN i broke the glass for the frame. yep, broke it. DANG!

so since i didn't have the glass to keep everything in place, i had to use tacking spray to stick the wrapping paper to a cardboard backing and the letters onto the wrapping paper. i still have sticky stuff all over my nails, oops.

and voila! the finished product is all ready to be hung in the guest room. i'm not ready to hang stuff on the walls yet, so it's leaning nicely for the time being. i'm pumped about the final product!

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Louise said...

Wow, you are so crafty - this looks great! I'm dying to see your place in person...really want to make a trip there next year.