Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hanging around

i took full advantage of some down-time with the fam over the weekend to get my sister and mom to help me hang things on the walls. we hung my ork posters in the dining room and my black and white photos in the living room. i'm so glad to have found perfect fits for things purchased for previous apartments. it's really starting to feel like home!

below: dining room right wall before - mom and laura helping me decide where to hang (bad iphone photo)

below: dining room right wall after

below: dining room left wall before - laura again (another bad iphone photo)

below: dining room left wall after

(i like that you can see the new chandelier in the reflection in the photo below)

below: prepping to hang in the stairwell in the living room - frames laid out on the floor

below: the stairwell after - with plenty of room for more


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Love those ork posters! Where is the subway sign from Billy's going?!

janet said...

I love how you are decorating your home!!! especially great to have extra helpers! the new chandelier is wonderful and perfect for the dining room...Have fun xoxox

True Event said...

It is scary how many things we have that are similar in our houses! Love the Ork Posters and the Capiz chandelier. Your house looks gorgeous!!

annie said...

thanks guys! i love your feedback :) christine, the subway sign is going high above the back door, to the left of the DC and boston posters. that'll be the next thing to go up!