Wednesday, December 8, 2010

it's that time again - the gift of growing

this time of year the smith and hawken aisle at target turns into a wonderland of bulb kits. i picked up three (yes, three) last week so i'd have a couple of hostess gifts on hand for upcoming holiday dinners and parties. i decided to keep one for myself and planted it over the weekend in between boxes of tissues, cough drops and harry potters. i love these kits - they're inexpensive (on sale for $7) and super easy to grow. there's a different version online here.

below: the contents of the kit.

below: my favorite line in the instructions: "ornamental bulbs are not for human consumption." but they're ok for animal consumption? weird.

below: soaking the dirt for planting.

below: all planted and soaking up the sun on the kitchen windowsill. i'll post pics once it starts to grow!

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Louise said...

I just bought one tonight for a hostess gift - thanks!