Monday, December 20, 2010

countdown to christmas

hi guys! can you believe that christmas is THIS week?! i am flabbergasted by the whole thing.

nick and i spent the weekend doing some really fun things. we went out for dinner friday night followed by a trip to the super wal-mart for a few essentials (that place totally grosses me out). saturday we cleaned, nick smoked up THE BEST RIBS EVER and did some more christmas decorating in preparation for an impromptu gathering at our place that evening. we spent that night outside with the firepit, wine, cornhole, s'mores and some really great friends. sunday was reserved for finishing our christmas shopping (we're done!), wrapping and prepping for shipping, cooking and watching movies (scott pilgrim vs. the world...meh).

here's to a short week at work before nick and i head home to celebrate the holidays with our family. woot!

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mom said...

LOVE the decorations. but emilio missed the photo shoot?