Sunday, October 4, 2009

yep, i did go to austin for the weekend

yep, nick and i did go to austin for the weekend. and yep, we loved it. we had an awesome weekend and we're very excited for our "new life" there. it's about 11pm sunday night and we just got back to the jerz from JFK - so my sincerest apologies for not posting all of the lovely details about the trip first thing. i promise i will post the highlights as soon as i can tomorrow. athough we sadly didn't make it to ACL while we were there, i'd say we did do a good job of keeping austin weird as we drove around in our bright white rented toyota matrix with kentucky plates. will post more soon, i promise!!

above: me with the kentucky matrix

above: you can barely see my head but that's me pointing up at the "annie st." sign

above: the view of ACL from one of the apartment buildings we toured

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