Monday, October 5, 2009

traveling with a laptop

traveling back and forth to austin with my laptop this past weekend reminded me what a huge pain in the ass it can be to lug that thing around. in my haste to get to the airport, i shoved my laptop in my purse and left my sumdex laptop sleeve sitting cold and alone under my desk.

i've been through a couple of laptop sleeves and was never fully satisfied until i found this blue sumdex sleeve for about $16 on ebags about two years ago. NOT a standard issue black nerdy ginormous heinous shoulder strap situation that will ruin my reputation for being the least bit stylish? check. slim yet sturdy case? check. cute color options? check. perfectly sized? check. and most importantly, handles (just in case i can't jam it in my purse with all the rest of my crap)? check. sold!

1 comment:

mom said...

love the bag. hint hint :-)