Tuesday, October 13, 2009

super cool concert posters

how cool are these posters by independent designer jason munn of the small stakes?? being that 1) they're $25-$30 each, 2) we'll soon be living in the live music capitol of the world and 3) i am starting to think about decor for our new apartment, i think i absolutely neeeeeed to buy a few. the ones above are just a few of my faves. the sad part is that most are sold out (i found some that are sold out for sale on another site but for twice the cost). gotta keep jason munn's site bookmarked so i can check back regularly for new work.

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pan galactic gargle blogger said...

I have seen that Beck one before and adore it! There are also so many great posters at www.gigposters.com... I get lost on that site sometimes!